After a 4-year break, the Irish band Two Door Cinema Club is back with a 3rd record, Gameshow. This album was quite anticipated, as we hadn’t heard the band playing for a couple of years.

Indeed, in the middle of their 2014 tour, the singer Alex Trimble, who got sick and stressed, ended up at the hospital. The upcoming shows were cancelled, and the band members went on separate ways. It was the beginning of a serious break, as there was not much communication within the trio. As the boys said in several interviews, this break as necessary, since they got really tired of playing lots of shows in a short period of time without having a life on their own. Plus, being 24/7 together started to be difficult as staying with the same people can be unhealthy, no matter how you like them.

For these reasons, rebuilding their own identity was a must in order to start afresh as a band. For me, this goal was reached, since the new record is completely different from its predecessors. As the band said, Gameshow is an experimental record. It’s something unique and that we’ve never heard before.

As a matter a fact, Two Door Cinema Club’s wish was to bring some disco influences on the album that we can definitely hear. Indeed, although the band has always been known for putting pop influences in their songs, this record is even more pop and filled with a bunch of electronic sounds. Here, I’m thinking about Bad Decisions, the first single of the album, a funky and groovy, which makes it really entertaining.

Although this album is experimental, some influences from the previous records can be heard. Here, I’m thinking about songs like Good Morning and Je Viens de Là, whose melodies, notes and guitar riffs remind me of Tourist History, the band’s first record released in 2010.

However, in my opinion, other songs like Gameshow or Surgery don’t sound like Two Door Cinema Club and don’t reflect the album’s spirit. Indeed, Gameshow is a lot more rock than the rest of the record, especially in the chorus. The song is not that bad in itself, but for me, it doesn’t bring anything to the album and is kind of off topic. As for Surgery, the negative point is Alex’s vocals, as modified voices are not really my cup of tea, especially if it’s way too artificial.

Generally speaking, Gameshow is a great record. When listening to it, we can tell that it’s a Two Door Cinema Club album right from the start. Indeed, entertaining songs are what the band does best, and this record is exactly what you need to hear when you feel down in the dumps.