For the second time, I got to see two of the most inspiring people on Earth, Alison Mosshart & Jamie Hince, aka The Kills. I started listening to this duo 4 years ago and saw them for the first time on July 13th, 2012 at Musilac Festival in France, after the release of Blood Pressures, their 4th album.

This year, The Kills chose Lyon, the city I live in, in order to promote their new album Ash & Ice during the Fall Whirling Eye Tour.

For my second The Kills show, I was in the second raw, just in front of Jaime Hince, with 2.500 people behind me. The concert was absolutely fantastic, and I was so happy to see these two talented artists again.

What was good about this gig is that we could hear some songs from the 5 albums, which allowed each person of the audience to enjoy its favourite ones. Talking about songs, some of them totally made my night, such as Tape Song, a classic from the duo’s 3rd album Midnight Boom, which is the perfect song to jump to. Alison and Jamie also played Sour Cherry, which wasn’t on the original setlist but was absolutely perfect to end the show in an energetic way. We also got to to see Alison singing alone with an acoustic guitar in a more intimate atmosphere, with That Love, a beautiful ballad from the new record.

Moreover, what amazed me is that although Alison and Jamie were at each end of the stage, they managed to keep a sort of alchemy between them. Some might think that each of them focused on its own part, but in my opinion, they actually played in total harmony while complementing each other, which is what real duos do.

However, the main negative aspect of this concert was the sound, and more specifically, the volume. Indeed, Jaime played so loud that we could barely hear Alison’s voice at the beginning of the show.

Furthermore, I was a little bit disappointed not to hear Satellite from Blood Pressures (and I actually think that a lot of people waited for this song), as it is the song that made me love the duo.


Heart of a Dog

U.R.A. Fever

Kissy Kissy

Hard Habit to Break

Impossible Tracks

Black Balloon

Doing it to Death

Baby Says

Dead Road 7

Tape Song !!!!

Echo Home

Let it Drop

Whirling Eye

Pots and Pans

Monkey 23


That Love

Siberian Nights

Cheap and Cheerful

Love is a Deserter

Sour Cherry